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model : @Rungarun Thiamthan

They have shown me that if they were not close to me they did not want to kiss me but that when I was present those desires returned and then left, and so on. They have taught me to be insecure. They have made me think that if I am not there, there are no feelings. It’s not your fault, I know that, but I’m marked. So I’m sorry if I sometimes show myself that way, unstable and made a sea of doubts. They have taught me that, although I always want the same way without ups and downs, I am not loved the same. They have loved me very much, but not well.


So you understand that it is difficult for me to accept exceptions to these rules. That I do not finish accepting that you want me close and also far, that doubts do not jump. I hope that you are patient and that you see that I try to mold myself and learn to accept that you are all the exceptions to the things that have taught me throughout my life.


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